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67 Saal Street
Atterbury extention
Contact Us
084 250 1187
Body Art Training Academy
Body Art Training Academy
Piercing Courses
Compliment your existing business or start a new, exciting career in this fast moving and highly profitable industry. Hairdressers, tattooists, piercing enthusiasts, accessory shops, chemists and doctors this is for you. Low set up costs, low overheads, great returns on investment!
When it comes to body piercing, our experience and reputation are unsurpassed. At the forefront of the South African Proffession,SABATA has been the leading national supplier to the professional piercing industry for over 20 years. Our Trainer has performed over 20,000 piercing procedures. We are also in negotiating the obtaining ofSAQA, SETA and HPCSA accreditations.
Click below for more information about our specific Certificate and Diploma courses

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